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Price: $30.00
(for two Marimbas) Described by the composer as "fun, happy, crazy, and exciting all at the same time." This piece offers a great opportunity for collaboration between two advanced players who enjoy working together.

Price: $18.00

Price: $35.00
Product #STOUT/SOC
Duet for two marimbas

Skylark Orange Circles is dedicated to the wonderful Japanese marimba virtuoso, Momoko Kamiya. The music is very dance-like in quality, going over and over through mostly the same sequence of harmonies while melodic variations are developed. The melodic ideas become more and more like a bird (or flute) singing as the work progresses.

Price: $30.00
Product #SAMMUT/K
Written for Leigh Howard Stevens and She-e Wu, this jazzy piece requires two advanced players and two 5.0 octave instruments. A "must play" if you have a friend ready and willing to take on the challenge with you.

Price: $18.00

Price: $20.00
The arrangement Bob Becker made for NEXUS which has caught the attention of audiences and percussionists around the world and created a whole new fascination with the xylophone as a solo instrument. The accompaniments require four players performing on a minimum of two marimbas.

Price: $25.00
Product #TYSON/VR
Inspired by Tyson's rafting adventure with John Parks on the Boise River. This piece depicts the beauty, excitement, and occasional feeling of losing control that they experienced in the raft that day. Can be played on a 4.3 octave marimba.

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Results 61 - 67 of 67