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Product #VBO_34
Bringing Chopin's intimate and quasi-improvisational work to the warm sound quality of the modern marimba is an innate marriage. One can only wonder what he would have written for the marimba if he had access to the knowledge, pedagogy, and instrument of today. But this arrangement may give us a glimpse of this by illustrating an introspective mood for marimba. Valse Brillante is an alluring work emphasizing the sumptuous features of the marimba.

Price: $39.00
Product #SSM_01
Two books in one binding, 106 pages. Six Suites for Violoncello solo BWV 1007-1012 Transcribed for Marimba by Leigh Howard Stevens. Marimbist's Guide to Performing Bach by Leigh Howard Stevens. Introduction and musical text edited by Dominik Sackmann.

Price: $20.00
Product #ZOL/FC
The inspiration for this piece came when I heard the saying “everything comes ‘round full circle,” by several people in a short period of time. “Full Circle” is based on that saying.

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Product #ZOL/AY
With the title “welcome white-man,” this piece is reminiscent of a trip to Ghana. The piece is based in 7/8 time to give a feeling of unfamiliarity while the tonality and composition techniques emulate a traditional Gyli player (Degara region xylophone).

Price: $35.00
for marimba with computer generated accompaniment - CD included

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Product #SKOOG/WF
A standard repertoire piece for all aspiring young players. Water and Fire was the second prize winner in the 1982 PAS composition competition. "Destined to become part of the serious artist/performers repertoire." (PAS Review)

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Elements of African, Latin, Gamelan and Jazz Fusion. Can be performed as an unaccompanied solo or with any number of doublings in unison or at the octaves. Great for marimbistic get-togethers when several players know the work.

Price: $12.00
Truly a beautiful addition to solo marimba literature. While technically accessible to the intermediate player, advanced players can also enjoy the musical possibilities this piece offers.

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Price: $15.00
The Marimba Etudes are designed for the intermediate marimbist to work on several aspects of technique which are necessary to develop before proceeding to more advanced work.

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Product #MUSSER/EO6N8
"Whole Tone Etude" aka "Nature Boy"

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Product #MUSSER/EO6N9

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Product #MUSSER/PO11N3
"G-Major Prelude" as recorded by Vida Chenoweth, Gordon Stout and many other artists. This work can be performed with or without the included piano accompaniment.

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Product #MUSSER/PO11N7

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Product #MUSSER/SC

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