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Bach on Marimba CD (Bach/arr. Leigh Stevens)

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Bach on Marimba (Leigh Howard Stevens plays the music of J.S. Bach on marimba)

"His devotion to both the music and his instrument suffuses every note with the passion of dedication. This remarkably faithful transcription takes us beyond a merely technical interest in Stevens' facility on the marimba to a renewed appreciation for the universality of Bach's music. The marimba delineates harmonic and contrapuntal details that the solo violin can only hint at. And Stevens lights an energetic fire worthy of Heifetz or Milstein in the Presto of the A Minor Sonata." -Digital Audio Magazine

Tracks(1-2) Prelude and Fugue in B-flat Major

Two Part Inventions:
(3)C Major

(4) D Minor

(5) B-flat Major

(6) F Major

(7) Prelude in G Minor

(8) Chorale: Christ lag in Todesbanden

Sonata in A Minor, S. 1001
(9) Adagio

(10) Fuga

(11) Siciliano

(12) Presto

Sonata in B Minor, S. 1003
(13) Grave

(14) Fuga

(15) Andante

(16) Allegro