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Marimba Four Hands CD (by Damiel Levitan)

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Product Information

"'This CD showcases a multi-movement work entitled 'Marimba Four Hands' by percussionist/composer Daniel Levitan. While intented as a promotional recording, the CD can stand alone as a part of any percussionist's or marimba enthusiast's library. Scored for two players on one instrument, 'Marimba Four Hands' consists of five movements: 'In the Night Kitchen,' 'Soakin' Wet,' 'Snoozin' Down,' 'Short'nin' Bread,' and 'Goodnight Moon.' Each title refers to aspects of early childhood, with the two outer movements taking the names of popular children's books.
Levitan has enlisted the superb talents of Nancy Zeltsman and three of her students -- Fumito Nunoya, Setsuko Kutsuno and Brian Calhoon -- in the performance of this work. Each movement is performed by two of the musicians. While this CD will hopefully entice many marimbists to perform the work (available through Keyboard Percussion Publicationscations), no information is given regarding required instrument ragnes, ability level or techniques.
Musically, the first four movements showcase much of the energetic, syncopated writing that is often associated with Levitan, as characterized by such works as his popular 'Marimba Quartet.' The final movement is slow, contemplative and employs roll techniques throughout.
Whether for the purposes of researching a new piece for performance or simply enjoying the music, experiencing Levitan's
Marimba Four Hands (the piece and the CD) would be time well spent
-- Jason Baker, Percussive Notes, March 2010

Tracks1. In the Night Kitchen

2. Soakin' Wet

3. Snoozin' Down

4. Short'nin' Bread

5. Goodnight Moon