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Ameline (by Eric Sammut)

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Product Information

Eric Sammut's Ameline is for solo marimba. This solo is full of split, syncopated rhythms divided between the left and the right hand. This solo bounces between a 7/8 and 4/4 time signature.

Musical FeaturesSultry marimba ballad with a 7/8 groove. F sharp minor. ABA + coda form.
Technical FeaturesIntermediate to intermediate/advanced difficulty.
No rolls.
Single independent, alternating, laterals, and double verticals.
Interval changes busier for the RH than the left most of the time, but nothing incredibly taxing – everything is idiomatic; written by an improvising marimbist.
Duration4 minutes
InstrumentationMarimba 5.0 Octave - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionHigh School, College/Professional