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Clear Midnight (by Michael Burritt)

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Product Information

Clear Midnight was commissioned by and dedicated to the fabulous Escape X Percussion Duo. The work is essentially two movements in one. The first part functioning much like an introduction or prologue, and the second, a 3 part movement unto itself. The piece is intended to be a “tour de force” for these two dynamic performers showcasing their versatile skills and impassioned musical voice.

The title Clear Midnight is a reference to a Walt Whitman poem titled “A Clear Midnight”. The poem resonates with one of my most cherished times of day and the hour I tend to set much of my creative work in motion.

-Michael Burritt

Recipient of the 2018 Music Publishers Association Paul Revere Award for Graphic Excellence: Third Prize - Cover Design featuring Photograph

 Click here to view full performance by Escape X Percussion Duo (YouTube)

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Musical Features
Technical Features
Instrumentation2 5.0 marimbas 7 concert toms or double-headed toms 2 ribbon crashers 1 suspended cymbal
Level SuggestionAdvanced