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Two Short Dances (by Thom Hasenpflug)

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Begins with a 12/8 swing and moves into a slow expressive rubato before accelerating back into a swing feel for a dramatic finale The second dance contains a gentle, continuous compound feel in 12/8 contrasting with the more linear, accented passages in 4/4 and 5/4 time. Both dances can be performed on a 4.3 marimba.

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Musical FeaturesBoth dances in Two Short Dances are highly rhythmic, shifting often between triplets and 16th notes. The tonality shifts between sections dense with chromaticism and quartal/quintal harmony. Many performers will find this a familiar style in contemporary repertoire for solo marimba.
Technical Features: The piece is rife with double vertical strokes, alternating strokes, lateral strokes, independent strokes, and rolls, including some difficult shifting when playing double verticals in particularly chromatic lines. Dance I also includes a section with many rolls, though the performer is free to choose how to execute them. This piece is be a good choice for intermediate players, as it is not too challenging and presents many different technical challenges.
DurationApprox. 6 minutes
InstrumentationMarimba 4.3 Octave - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionHigh School, College/Professional