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Let It Rain (by John Anthony Lennon

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Musical FeaturesVery fast, intense, and rhythmic.
Frequent meter and tempo changes.
Meter includes 7/16, 10/16, 22/16, etc.
Vocalizations occur throughout the piece: some are pitched and others are non-pitched exclamations (i.e., “Ja!”).
Dramatic dynamic shifts.
Stylistic cues throughout the piece include: intense, furious, exhilarated, exuberant, elated, driving, emphatic.
Technical FeaturesExtensive use of octaves; often requires fast interval changes.
One-handed rolls in octaves (RH upper range).
Wide reaches and fast jumps across the range of the instrument.
Some traditional rolls, but roll sections remain intense throughout.
Must be able to sing and play at the same time.
Duration6 min (approx.)
InstrumentationMarimba 5 Octave - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionCollege/Professional