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Baroque In Swing (John Mark Piper)

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Baroque in Swing is another of the popular Seven Songs for Vibraphone performed and recorded by John Mark Piper. With its bouncy intro and rapid patters of rapid 16ths, this piece is a challenge and an opportunity for serious vibraphonists to display their skills. It's also a real audience-pleaser! May be performed as a solo or with rhythm section.

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Musical FeaturesThis is a challenging vibraphone solo for several reasons: the tempo is fast throughout, the styles change often and quickly, and the reach across the board is extensive. Piper notes this work can be performed as a solo or with a rhythm section accompaniment. The recording on his album uses a rhythm section which brings a great deal of groove and overall style to the entire performance. The piece revolves around D-major, but as is typical with Piper’s music, the chords migrate quickly away from tonic and use a great deal of chromaticism. His recording sounds great and makes the pieces sound “easy”. However, this piece is not for the faint of heart; it requires a strong vibraphone player to move around the board with effortless motion to bring out the melody lines on top of the underlying style and bass line motion.
Technical FeaturesThis piece requires a high level of technical proficiency on vibraphone. Basic melody, accompaniment, and bass line motives must be performed clearly to bring out the style of each section. The chromatic motion in both hands provide additional challenges for the performer as well.
Duration6 minutes, depending on solos
InstrumentationVibraphone 3.0 Octave - 4 Mallets, with optional rhythm section accompaniment
Level SuggestionCollege/Professional