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Theme and Variations for Bowed Vibraphone (by Sheila Silver))

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Musical FeaturesThis is a an atonal, through-composed work that involves some interesting structural material. The variations are all mostly studies of a cannon-- cannon by inversion, cannon by augmentation, and cannon by retrograde.
This is a multi-meter piece throughout. The tempo changes with each of the 5 variations. Attention to phrasing and expressions is frequent throughout the score.
Technical FeaturesThis is an extremely challenging piece. Some sections are to be bowed in both hands, some require a mallet in one hand and a bow in the other. All of these specifications are clearly marked in the score and the composer provides adequate performance notes. It does say that some bowing markings can be changed.
There are many times when the bow in one hand is to jump between the front and back side of the instruments with little or no time provided by the composer to execute this move.
Duration6 minutes
InstrumentationVibraphone 3.0 Ocatve - 2 mallets + 2 bows
Level SuggestionCollege/Professional (very advanced)