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Marimba When... CD (by Leigh Howard Stevens)

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Marimba When (Leigh Howard Stevens plays the great Albums for the Young)

"Any feeling that this is repertoire intended for other media is quickly dispelled by the sheer musicality of the playing. And, in fact, so far as Stevens's consummate technique is concerned, after hearing just a few of the pieces in this collection, one no longer even thinks of possible technical limitations for the instrument, or, for that matter, of the idea of transcription itself."
-- Igor Kipnis in Stereophile Magazine

"I highly recommend owning this CD if you're a serious student of 4-mallet marimba. “Marimba When” demonstrates how a true understanding of classical repertoire can lead to the most musical and idiomatic translation for the instrument."
-- Thomas Nazziola in Composer Notes

Tracks(1-5)Debussy - Children's Corner
Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum

Serenade for the Doll

The Snow is Dancing

The Little Shepherd

Golliwogg's Cakewalk

(6-17)Tschaikowsky - Album for the Young, Op.39
Song of the Lark

Morning Prayer

The Hobby Horse

Italian Song

German Song


Neapolitan Dance-Song


The Doll's Burial

The New Doll

Nursery Tale

Sweet Dreams

(18-26) Schumann - Album for the Young, Op.68
Humming Song

Soldier's March

The Wild Rider

Knecht Ruprecht

May, Sweet May


No. 26 (untitled)


No. 30 (untitled)

(27-32) Khachaturian - The Adventures of Ivan
Ivan Sings

Ivan Can't Go Out Today

Ivan Is Ill

Ivan Goes to a Party

Ivan and Natasha

Ivan is Very Busy