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Astral Projections CD (Gordon Stout)

Price: $12.00

Product Information

Gordon Stout's new recording features many of his most beloved compositions for solo marimba, ranging from some of his earliest to his very latest works (Astral Dance, Two Mexican Dances, Rivers of Wood, Four Episodes, Sedimental Structures and Rumble Strips). An additional treat is the inclusion of Choros #3, 1, and 9 (Remeleixo) originally written for guitar in a Brazilian folk style by Augusto Marcellino, an Argentinian composer. The title track, Astral Projections, is the manifestation of a concept that emerged during the actual recording session. The juxtaposition of tempo and mallet choice along with the incorporation of special electronic and digital effects resulted in the exploration of uncharted areas in the realm of marimba playing!

Tracks(1) Astral Dance (Gordon Stout)

(2) Mexican Dance #2 (Gordon Stout)

(3) Mexican Dance #1 (Gordon Stout)

(4) Rivers of Wood (Gordon Stout)

(5) Episode #1 (Gordon Stout)

(6) Episode #2 (Gordon Stout)

(7) Episode #3 (Gordon Stout)

(8) Episode #4 (Gordon Stout)

(9) Sedimental Structures (Gordon Stout)

(10) Rumble Strips (Gordon Stout)

(11) Choro #1 (Augusto Marcellino)

(12) Choro #3 (Augusto Marcellino)

(13) Choro #9 (Remeleixo) (Augusto Marcellino)

(14) Astral Projections (GordonStout)