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Trek to Gongga Shan (by Moses Mark Howden)

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For solo timpani (5 drums) and percussion ensemble.

• 5 timpani (tuned to E, A, B, D, E)
• I Marimba 1
• II Marimba 2
• III Vibraphone 1
• IV Vibraphone 2
• V Crotales & Glockenspiel
• VI Cimes & Tam Tam

Should you want to feature your timpanist with your percussion ensemble, this piece offers an exciting and musical experience. The work is composed for seven players, including the soloist. The marimba parts are for 4.3-octave instruments, and the technical challenges include the common strokes found in most marimba literature. The keyboard parts appear to be more difficult than they are, but much of the material is repeated ostinato patterns and will be learned quickly. Many of the motives are presented with open fourths, fifths and octaves, and the chords are presented as arpeggios with sticking patterns such as 4321, 1234 and variations.
The timpani part is very tonal, with the drums tuned to E, A, B, D and E. The soloist is challenged with material that requires quick movements and rhythmic clarity moving across the five drums. In one large setion, the soloist plyas a steady pulse on one drum with melodic motives on another. There are a few pitch changes clearly marked with ample time to tune. There is also a brief section performed with rattan sticks rather than normal timpani mallets.
This will be an excellent piece for ensemble concerts and recitals
George Frock, Percussive Notes -- November 2012

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