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Music For a Child's Adventure (by Marco Schirripa)

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Music for a Child’s Adventure is a larger-scale work for solo marimba that takes the audience on a journey through a seven-year-old’s epic make-believe adventure.  The child leaves home, becomes scared and homesick, and rushes back in time for dinner!

Click to view a full performance by Marco Schirripa of "Music for a Child's Adventure" (YouTube)

Review in Percussive Notes, July 2014

Music for a Child's Adventure

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Musical FeaturesThree movements
I - fun movement with a groove at parts
II- rolled and reflective
III- Fun movement, with reference to the first at the end
Technical Features4 mallet tech required
One handed rolls in 2nd movement
InstrumentationMarimba 5.0 Octave - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionCollege/Professional