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Watermelon Whispers (arr. by Yurika Kimura)

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Watermelon Whispers was composed in 1918 by George Hamilton Green, and was published the same year as a piano solo by the Ted Browne Music Company. On the original sheet music the piece is subtitled “Fox Trot.” Although it was never published as a piece for xylophone solo, it was recorded by a number of bands and orchestras with Green himself playing xylophone in a very soloistic fashion (Edison Blue cylinder #3482, Edison #50488, Emerson #991, and #7426, and Medallion #826, all from 1918). The great variety of tempi and approaches to soloing among these performances is testament to Green’s formidable prowess as an improviser.

This transcription arrangement is based on the piano sheet music, and on Green’s xylophone performance on the Edison cylinder recording mentioned above. 

Review in Percussive Notes, July 2014

Watermelon Whispers

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