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Welcome to Stoutland (Gordon Stout)

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Product Information

Gordon Stout is one of the worlds most prolific composers of music for marimba. His music is played constantly by marimbists world wide, and his Two Mexican Dances for marimba is one of most frequently played and recorded works for solo marimba. His recordings are well known, and this most recent recording contains chamber music for marimba and other instruments, written from 2002-2012.

The musicians that have collaborated on the music contained in this album are superb, playing percussion, violin, marimba, drum kit, and snare drums.


Track Listing: 

1. Choro No. 1 (2006), by Gordon Stout

2. Choro No. 2 (2006), by Gordon Stout

3. Choro No. 3 (2008), by Gordon Stout

4. Somewhere in Africa There's A Whirlwind (2010), by Gordon Stout

5. Incoming (2002), by Gordon Stout

6. Skylark Orange Circles (2004), by Gordon Stout

7  - 11. Duo for Snare Drum and Marimba (2009), by Anthony DiBartolo

12. Laruci in the Sky (2002), by Gordon Stout