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Schism (by Mark Goodenberger)

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An accessible 5-octave marimba solo by the composer of The Paris Pieces. Schism is a lovely and haunting reflection on the loneliness of separation.  For an intermediate to advanced performer.

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Inspiration for this solo may be credited to long, weeklyl drives made by the composer, and how he was amazed with the contrasts of landscapes in northern Oregon. The composer has used the changes of colors and vegetation to present music textures that vary in rhythm, harmony and meter.
The solo opens with a slow chorale, with all notes being rolled. Harmonic textures include parallel 6ths in the left hand, and many open 4ths with the right. The chorale closes with roll speeds slowing to quintuplet patterns. The next section contains brief rhythmic chordal statements, contrasted with quintuplets, as well as isolated block quarter notes. The meters move between 2/4 and 7/16. This section gradually increases in intensity, and the way these materials vary between the thematic motives is excellent. The use of changing meters becomes more active as the solo develops, and include 2/4, 7/16, 13/16 amd 15/16. Additional contrasts are created by rapid dynamic shifts. The solo concludes with a return to a more spacious texture, using silence between chords, as it fades to a triple-piano conclusion.
The materials in the solo will require a mature performer. However, they are so well presented that the solo will work well for the serious undergraduate student. Give this one a try.

George Frock, Percussive Notes -- March 2017

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