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Whatever's More 2 (by Gordon Stout)

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The marimba part in Whatever's More 2 is exactly the same as the original solo (2010). There are now additional strings parts (two violins, viola, and cello) to accompany this solo. This is an even more beautiful version of one of Stout's most beautiful compostions. 

Includes spiral bound conductor's score and individual marimba and string parts. 

This five-minute piece is an adaptation of a marimba solo Gordon Stout composed for a friend who was in a car accident. I had the pleasure of reviewing Stout's original solo in the November 2011 issue of Percussive Notes. For the most part, the string parts consist of either a duplication of the upper marimba melody or an elongated version of harmonic lines from within the marimba texture. Stout's harmonic writing on the original solo contains depth and maturity, so it is no surprise that the end result is an enhanced sonic experience that melds sensitive marimba writing with effective string undertones.
The character, mood and technical challenges in the marimba part are exactly the same as stated in my first review, since the marimba solo was not changed. This is simply the same solo with added string parts, which gives marimba players more performance options. Players and audience members alike will enjoy this patient and lyrical piece from a trusted percussion composer.
Joshua D. Smith, Percussive Notes -- July 2017

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