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180 (by Michael Burritt)

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180 is the second of two quartets I have written for marimba, the first having been completed in 2002. 180 employs a great deal of canonic passagework, through rhythmic and melodic hocketing. The idea is to establish a homogenous sound through 4 marimbas creating the illusion of a single instrument. The work is 360 measures in length and has a seminal tutti moment in measure 180, where all the displaced rhythmic activity comes together for 1 measure and then immediately disperses.
180 was commissioned by a consortium of schools led by Eric Willie at the University of North Carolina Greensboro along with Tennessee Tech University, University of Tennessee, University of South Carolina, Virginia Tech, Lee University, University of North Alabama, Radford University, University of North Carolina Pembroke, University of North Carolina School of the Arts and Frisco Liberty High School. 180 was premiered by the University of North Carolina Greensboro, Eric Willie director, at the 2015 Percussive Arts Society International Convention in San Antonio, Texas.


Click here to view full performance by Eastman Percussion Ensemble (YouTube)

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Musical Features
Technical Features
Instrumentation4 Marimbas (two 4.3, two 5.0)
Level SuggestionAdvanced