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Carmen Fantasy (Bizet/arr. Eric Sammut)

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Eric Sammut has arranged three charming movement's from Bizet's famous opera. Each movement has its own character but with a hint of Sammut's well known style. Selections include: Chanson Boheme, Entract to Act II, and Prelude to Act I. 5.0 octave marimba required.

"This arrangement of Bizet's well-known opera adapts the following familiar excerpts from the classic work to 5-octave marimba: "Chanson Boheme," "Entract to Act II," and "Prelude to Act 1." The movements maintain their original character but are adapted to the marimba in an idiomatic style. Sammut's unique adaptation demands excellent control of double-lateral strokes and octaves. The work would be an appropriate study piece for an advanced high school student or college undergraduate."
-- John Lane, Percussive Notes, March 2010

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