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Album for the Young II (Schumann/arr. Leigh Howard Stevens)

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Marimba music doesn't get much heavier than the second half of this set. Even the light and simple movements such as Soldier's March and Wild Rider have a certain Germanic seriousness. "Audiences will love this group of transcribed solos for four mallets." (review of in PAS NOTES). (Each set contains Easy to Difficult selections.)

This collection is included on the CD Marimba When and available as part of the sheet music collection of all pieces from Marimba When.

Marimba When CD    Price: $16.00


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Musical FeaturesHumming Song:
- C major, common time.
-The simplest of this set. Features a melody in quarter notes, with eighth note accompaniment (RH and LH take turns at playing the melody)
-C major, common time, slow and lyrical, A-B-A form

Soldiers March
-G Major, 2/4 time
- Lively, with a strict march feel, binary form

May, Sweet May
- E major, 2/4 time, binary form, moderato

- A major, 6/8 time, moderato

- A major, 2/4 time, moderate tempo
- The only piece in this set that requires lower than 4.3 octaves, though the option is given to take those parts up one octave
Technical FeaturesHumming Song:
- Mostly very simple stroke types (single independent and single alternating) - Two brief one-handed rolls

Soldiers March
- The challenge in this piece lies in the phrasing.
- Intervals up to an octave (player must be able to move from a 5th to an octave quickly)
- No rolls in this movement; most of the strokes are double-verticals or single independent

May, Sweet May
- Contains several one-handed rolls
- 5-note ripple chord and grace note appoggiaturas may be challenging
- Requires significant independence between hands and facility with small intervals

- Frequent use of one-handed rolls, often on very small intervals
- 5-note ripple chords
- Player must bring out the outer voice melody and keep the rest of the mallets in a supportive role

- Ornamentation figures (turns) will be a challenge to execute
- Requires significant independence between hands.
-If playing on a low E instrument, LH must make significant leaps across the instrument range
Duration1-3 minutes per movement
InstrumentationMarimba optional low E (4 mvmts fit on 4.3 octave) - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionHigh School, College/Professional