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Rounders (by Michael Burritt)

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Commissioned by the 2009 Paris International Marimba Competition and its director, Frederic Macarez, Rounders uses sudden meter change and rhythmic syncopation to mimic the sensation of "rounding" the corners of a roller-coaster. Think of Rounders as a thrill ride at the Burritt Amusement Park.

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Musical Features
Technical Features
InstrumentationMarimba (5.0), Vibraphone, Hi-hat, Snare Drum, 18-20" Suspended Cymbal, Large Tam-Tam, Bongos, 2 Congas, Darbuka, Sizzle Cymbal, Bell Tree, Glockenspiel, Crotales (bowed), Rainstick, Djembe on stand, 3 graduated Tom-toms, Concert Bass Drum, Ribbon Crasher, Log Drum/Slit Drum
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