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To The Nines (by Michael Burritt)

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Solo Percussion with 3 percusionists. The soloist has two stations. Station one is a multi set-up containing metals and skins. The metal sounds can be suspended galvanized pipes or brake drums and the skins can either be 4 chinese toms and 2 congas or 3 bongos and 3 congas. Perc 1- Vibraphone/2 log or skin drums/small sus. cym; Perc. 2- 5.0 oct. marimba/medium sus. cym.; Perc. 3- Djemba/lagre sus. cym/tam tam or wind gong. In addition, all 3 players use a bass drum 3 toms and 2 bongos. Written for the Exit Nine, this piece demands advanced players ready for some seriously intense Burritt.

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