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Impossible Etudes (by Daniel Berg)

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Berg wrote the etudes to supply his students with technical exercises. Each is unique. Get through these and you are sure to have an independent roll that never quits and left-hand endurance to be envied. All 4 can be played on a 4.3 octave instrument. "Impossible Etudes" are a challenge for the advanced marimba player, but nothing is impossible for the one who practices...

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Musical FeaturesHarmony is a result of the technical challenges of the movments. Meters are common time, except for the final etude, which is senza misura
Technical FeaturesMusic is just technique – etude for Marimba: This works interval changes in both hands from 3rds to 10ths.

The Right Way to Perfect Control: Double lateral/narrow interval etude.

John – Watch your left hand! – etude for Marimba: This etude uses 4 over 3 polyrhythms and interval changes from 4ths to 10ths.

Anton Bruckner with 4 Mallets: Independent roll study that overlaps between the hands.
Duration4 short movements. 2-4 minutes each depending upon tempo
InstrumentationMarimba 4.5 Octave (low Ab) - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionHigh School, College/Professional