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Contemporary Collection for Snare Drum (by Murray Houllif)

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Contemporary composers continue to make greater demands on the talents and skills of the percussionist. Never before has the percussionist been so much in the foreground of the performing ensemble. He/She must be a virtuosic performer capable of playing any of the demands placed on him/her including those of rhythmic changes, tempi, dynamic indications, phrasing, shading, and notation. It is with this "new" percussionist in mind that Contemporary Collection for Snare Drum was composed. It is the intention of the authors to expose the performer to contemporary techniques such as; composite and super-imposed rhythms, odd meters and multi-metric changes, metric modulation, spatial notation, music without bar lines, advanced hand-mind coordination, etc. The Concert Etudes and Concert Duets can be studied for their pedagogical benefits, or performed in a concert/recital atmosphere. Includes 7 etudes and 7 duets.

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