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Concerto for Percussion & Orchestra Piano Red. (by Paul SanGrego

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For 1 multi-percussion player and orchestra. Piano reduction version. (orchestral version available for rental) Instrumentation includes: 3.0 vibraphone, 3 small roto-toms, 5 tom-toms, 2 contrasting low-high steel pipes, and a large suspended cymbal. This concerto was composed for Cheng Li-Feng and the National Kaohsiung Normal University Orchestra in Kaosiung, Taiwan. It was written as a single movement with an optional cadenza. Performance duration approx. 9 min. without a cadenza. The potential for dialogue between drums, vibraphone and orchestra is what first inspired this concerto. Therefore the soloist must often alternate quickly between vibraphone and drums while engaging the orchestra in musical conversations. Keeping with this conception, all of the important musical ideas are played by vibraphone and drums, while the percussionist's other instruments are primarily used to enhance color and dramatic effects. In terms of character, this piece makes much use of the energy and drive that people often associate with percussion instruments. Although the movement begins slowly and mysteriously, with a vibraphone solo, the tempo eventually increases until drums shatter that mood. From that point on, syncopation, fast drum fills, bright colors and sharp contrasts characterize much of the music.

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