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Toccata & Grooves (by Robert Zolnowski)

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Toccata and Grooves is a multiple percussion piece that portrays a percussionist walking into a practice room and jamming in a multi-genre drum set and/or drum corps style on someone else’s set-up. The first few phrases represent the performer becoming acclimated to the set-up and then continuing to jam in different styles. The piece is intended 
to sound like an improvisatory performance.

For solo multiple percussionist.
• 10", 12", 16" toms
• 16" crash cymbal
• splash cymbal
• hi-hat
• large cowbell
• woodblock
• bongos
• "trash" (a combination of cymbals)

This 6-1/2-minute work is intended to sound like the performer stumbles into a practice room, discovers someone's setup and proceeds to jam on the instruments in various styles while becoming acclimated to the instruments. Although stickings are left to the discretion of the performer, the use of paradiddles is suggested and a rudimental style of performance is requested.
After a short, free introduction, the piece falls into a fas groove utilizing the famous "Wipe Out" sixteenth-note accent pattern. Melodic tons and triplet fills create interesting phrasing and contour throughout this section. The second major section of the piece is in 12/8 with constant eighth notes on the snare drum and double-stops around the drums, again creating melodic interest and repeated grooves on the low tom. An optional cadenza is offered in this section as well. The third section goes into a duple-based Latin clave with hints of a guaguanco melody in the toms. The final section returns to the "Wipe Out" theme and ends with a flourish of rudimental drumming at a rapid tempo.
"Toccata and Grooves" is enjoyable for listener and performer alike. The work is not nearly as difficult as many new multiple percussion solos and not particularly time and space consuming as some, which can be a good thing. Not every piece on a recital needs to have a rating of "VI" to have musical value!
Susan Martin Tariq, Percussive Notes -- November 2012

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