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Percussion Quartet #2 (by Christopher Swist)

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Quartet for four percussionists.

I Vibraphone/snare drum
II Marimba
III Percussion 1 (4 tom toms)
IV Percussion 2 (3 bass drums)

This quartet will meet the abilities and demands of an advanced undergraduate and graduate level percussion ensemble. The scoring is divided between two keyboard percussion players and two multiple percussionists. The vibraphonist doubles on snare drum in several sections.
The most characteristic element of this piece is the use of constantly alternating phrases throughout. The piece never veers away from the intitial tempo marking of168 bpm, which only intensifies the growing energy the music exudes. While the melodic language is largely chromatic, the createive use of meter and rhythm aid in making the piece accessible to a wide variety of listeners.
Both keyboard percussion parts include four-mallet writing, which is idiomatically conceived and fits naturally on the instruments, especially in regard to rhytmic ostinati. Aside from the 5.0-octave marimba, this piece uses instruments that would be found in most music departments, making it ideal for a smaller studio of advanced percussion stduents or a newly formed professional chamber ensemble.
Jason Baker, Percussive Notes -- November 2012

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