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Bells, Poems and Monasteries (by Leander Kaiser)

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Four meditations for solo percussion. 

Instrumentation: 5 Dobaci (metal), Burma in C, Burma in D, Burma in Eb, Burma in A, 12" Wuhan, 12'' small Tam-Tam, 28" large Tam-Tam, 2 Crotales, Gong D3, High and Low Bongos, 5 Woodblocks, 2 Cup-Chimes, 3 small Bells (High, Medium, Low). 

1. Sarah Srang - Froom night to sunrise

2. Banteai Srei-carvings

3. Bayon at moonlight  

4. Angkor Vat  

Review in Percussive Notes, Jully 2014

Bells, Poems and Monasteries

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