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Camaraderie (by Daniel Adams)

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Camaraderie was comissioned by Hamiruge, the Louisiana State University Percussion Ensemble. It received its world premiere on April 22, 2007, conducted by Hamiruge Director Brett William Dietz with Shawn Galvin as timpani soloist as part of a memorial tribute to Dr. John Raush, former Louisiana State University percussion instructor and assistant dean.

The term "camaraderie" is defined as good will and light-hearted rapport between friends. The title is symbolic of the musical rapport between the soloist and the ensemble.

Following a brief introduction, the timpani enters in an unaccompanied flourish of rapid notes and is joined a few minutes later by the ensemble, which includes both definitely and indefinitely pitched instruments. The ensemble part alternates between groups of similar instruments (wood, metal, membranes) and mixed instrumental textures.

Call and response passages are frequent, including a section in which players "trade riffs." Call and response passages lead to a partly improvised polyrhythmic section in which three players blow "party horns" as a means of comic relief. Camaraderie concludes with dense counterpoint preceded by a timpani cadenza.

"... Camaraderie is a musical and exciting addition to the repertoire for solo timpani with percussion accompaniment." -- John Baldwin, Percussive Notes

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