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Masters of the Vibes (by Anthony Smith)

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"Anthony Smith has done a masterful job."
-- Kenny Barron, legendary pianist, composer, educator

Masters of the Vibes is a celebration of the vibraphone and the artists who play it on the highest level. Musician/author Anthony Smith leads readers on an entertaining, informative journey through the history of this beautiful sounding, but sometimes overlooked, instrument through stimulating conversations with a wide variety of vibes players... from icons and legends to rising stars and promising newcomers. The result is a book filled with wisdom, humor, detailed musical knowledge and refreshing insights into not only the artistic process, but also the human condition itself. Smith and his passionate, mallet-playing colleagues have created an invaluable document -- a must-read for vibes lovers, students, professionals and anyone interested in exploring the rich lives and careers of great artists.

"Finally, a book about the vibraphone and the important players of the instrument. I've been hoping someone would do a book like this for a long time. A lot of vibraphone history in these pages."
-- Gary Burton, world-renowned vibraphonist, bandleader, educator

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Table of Contents
Introduction, Pg 1
Author's Foreword