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Groundhog Blues (by Yurika Kimura)

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Groundhog Blues was written following a xylophone seminar in Dayton, Ohio in 2014. The piece is dedicated to percussionist Jeff Luft, who has been a fan of groundhogs since he was a child. Jeff encouraged me to write my first solo marimba composition. The thematic ideas for this piece came from the cute behavior of the small animal, which I had never seen in my home country of Japan. Most Americans know the rules of Groundhog Day (February 2nd), when a groundhog is said to forecast the weather by looking for its shadow.

Groundhog Blues consists of three sections. Please pay attention to all expression markings, which describe the tempo, expressive mood, and tone quality. The piece is my imagination of the animal’s movement. All of the phrasing creates “something” related to a groundhog, who is free to change what it does every day. The syncopated rhythm in the third section (from con moto) should be played accurately.

-Yurika Kimura

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Musical Features
Technical Features
Instrumentation5.0 marimba
Level SuggestionIntermediate-Advanced