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Homecoming (by Richard Albagli)

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Homecoming is a deeply emotional composition written at a difficult point in composer Richard Albagli's life. While there are many dynamic and tempo indications written in the score to aid the performer, true mastery of the piece must come from connecting the player's soul to the instrument.

"Homecoming" is a challenging chorale, written to stir emotion in both performer and listener. As with most chorales, the piece may appear easy but will require stamina and advanced technique, as well as mature musicianship; composer Richard Albagli specifies that "the musical content and the emotion are paramount." Though he has specified dynamics and phrasing, Albagli emphasizes a personal emotional connection to the music is imperative  for a successful performance. He provides descriptive notes, outlining the musical form and feelings therein.

-Rebecca McDaniel, Percusive Notes, July 2019

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Musical Features
Technical Features
InstrumentationMarimba (4.0)
Level SuggestionIntermediate-Advanced