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Harry's Final Journey (by Richard Albagli)

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Product Information

Harry’s Final Journey is based on the scene late in the novel Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when Harry, realizing that he must die in order for Voldemort to ultimately be destroyed, makes his way alone from the Hogwarts castle to the forest where Voldemort and death await him. At the edge of the forest he finally understands the significance of the parting gift he had been given by Dumbledore, his deceased headmaster: The Resurrection Stone. He turns it three times  and he finally experiences the presence of his parents, who had died to save him those many years ago --- “less substantial than living bodies, but much more than ghosts.” And for the first time in two years, Harry, who had borne the burden of the whole magical world in defying the evil wizard, could put down that burden and be a young boy again. The passionate love he feels for his parents, the release he experiences from his overwhelming responsibility comes across. The emotion inherent in the music comes through especially as Harry asks, “You’ll stay with me?” and he hears the words of warmth and comfort, “Until the very end.” Harry, his courage renewed, continues his journey into the forest to confront Voldemort and without resistance face the killing curse that will take him out of this life --- to where? Ah, that is another story.

*NOTE: Harry's Final Journey is an original composition by Richard Albagli and is solely based on the novel Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This piece does not reference nor contain musical quotes from John Williams' scores found in the Harry Potter films.

Musical Features
Technical Features
Instrumentation2x 4.3 Marimbas, Vibraphone (2 are ideal, 1 will suffice), Orchestra Bells, 2 High Crotales (1/2 step apart), Snare Drum, 4 Tom-toms, Bass Drum, 4 Timpani, Large Tam Tam, 2 Suspended Cymbals (high and medium), Pair of Crash Cymbals, Thunder Sheet, Tambourine, 3 sets of Maracas, Guiro, Mark Tree, 2 Fire Bells, Brake Drum, Small Pipe
Level SuggestionIntermediate