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Colours of a Groove CD (by Escape X)

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Colours of a Groove (Escape X: Andrea Venet and Annie Stevens)


This 2014 album from Escape X contains new and commissioned works for marimba duo, including compositions by Ivan Trevino, Alejandro Vinao, Steve Danyew, Stephen Ridley and Christopher Cook.

Tracks1. Abandoned Roadside Chorale (2012) - Christopher Cook
2. Into the Air (2010) - Ivan Trevino
3. Chorale Variations (2013) - Steve Danyew
   I. Allegro energico
   II. Adagio, poco rubato
   III. Scherzando
   IV. Nocturne
   V. Andante cantabile
8. Meteor (2013) - Stephen Ridley
9. Colours of a Groove (2011) - Alejandro Vinao
10. 2 + 1 (2013) - Ivan Trevino