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Daniel Adams

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Daniel Adams

Daniel Adams

Daniel Adams (b. 1956, Miami, FL( is a Professor of Music at Texas Southern
University. Adams holds a Doctor of Musical Arts (1985) from the University
of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a Master of Music form the University of
Miami (1981) and a Bachelor of Music form Louisiana State University (1978).

Adams currently serves as the President of the South Central Chapter of the
College Music Society. He is the composer of numerous published musical
compositions and the author of several articles and reviews on various topics
related to Twentieth Centuryy percussion music, musical pedagogy and the
music of Texas. His book entitled The Solo Snare Drum was published in 2000.
He is also the author of two entreis published in 2009 in the Oxford Encyclopedia
of African-American History 1986 to the Present.

In 2005 he appeared as an invited guest conductor for the premiere of a commissioned
work at the Teatro Nancional in San Jose, Coasta Rica. His music has been performed
throughout the United States, and in Spain, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Turkey,
Argentina, Canada and South Korea. 

He is recorded on Capstone Records, Ravello Records and Summit Records.

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