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Anthony Di Bartolo

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Anthony Di Bartolo

Anthony Di Bartolo is a New Jersey-based percussionist, composer, and teacher. He holds a master's degree from Ithaca College where he studied performance and composition with Gordon Stout. Anthony also holds a bachelorʼs degree in music education from Rowan University where he studied under Dean Witten.

Di Bartolo regularly performs in New Jersey and New York City as a freelance percussionist. His experience ranges from contemporary chamber music and standard percussion literature to theater and vaudeville-style burlesque.

As a soloist, Di Bartolo is especially interested in performing contemporary percussion music, improvisation, electro-acoustic music, and his own compositions.

Anthony pulls inspiration for his pieces from various musical styles as well as performance and life experiences. His first original composition, Music for 5 Marimbas, was premiered at Rowan University in 2008. Anthony is the recipient of the second prize in the 2012 Percussive Arts Society Composition Contest.

When heʼs not working on a new piece, Di Bartolo is encouraging his students to continue their artistic endeavors and find their musical voices while teaching them to listen critically and develop their technique.


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