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Leander Kaiser

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Leander Kaiser

Born in 1961 in Stuttgart-Germany. Studied with different well-named Professors of Percussion. 1986-88 taught percussion at the University of Cologne, since 1988 he teaches at the Musikschule Starnberg . 1990 he started as a composer for percussion. In the following years over 30 of his compositions were published. 1992 was the first - of yet four - concerts "Münchener Percussion Musik". 1997 he won the first prize of the 24th Composition Contest of the Percussive Arts Society-USA with his work Black Sphinx for Marimba Solo .

In July 1999 he won the first prize of the "3. International Challenge for creative Percussionist" at Percfest in Laigueglia - Italy. For this contest he exclusively played his own works. In 2003 he won the Special Prize for a pedagogical composition at the first Wolkersdorf composition contest with his composition Die Sitzgruppe, for Percussion Quartet. In fall 1999 he played at PAS Euro Meeting '99 In Töbingen/Germany. His Work Desert Express commissioned by Brian West and the Percussion Ensemble of the Texas A&M University-Commerce was premiered at PASIC 2000 in Dallas/TX and had its European Premiere at Töbingen in November 2001. He and his ensemble INDEX4 played at two World Drum Festivals, 1999/2000 in Hamburg/Germany. In 2001 he gave a Percussion Clinic at PAS Euro Meeting in Sofia /Bulgaria

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