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Malletech’s design of the “Infinity” Glock Series began by duplicating both the old steel formula and the dimensions of the best old Glockenspiel bars. But we didn’t stop there. We redesigned the case, eliminated all sources of noise and revolutionized the suspension.


The Steel

The essence of the glockenspiel or orchestra bell tone is largely determined by the quality of the steel and dimensions of the bars. The great glocks made in the first half of the 20th century were made from absolutely the hardest steel available. Today, the major manufacturers start with a much softer steel that is easier to cut, tune and polish. However, a softer metal can never produce the crystalline tonal brilliance of the old formula steel.


The Suspension

 Many orchestra bells made today still have the bars attached to the frame with screws. Hardly anything could dampen the vibration of the bars better! Other makers have the steel bar lay across a felt pad or string, similarly stifling the tone. Our Patented three-point support system allows each glockenspiel bar to ring freely, almost as if it were suspended on air. Just three tiny rubber points touch the underside of the bar, leaving the top surface completely smooth and free of holes, screws or other suspension devices.


The Case

Our glockenspiel bar rails and extra-deep case are made from solid oak with brass latches and two oak carrying handles. The bar rails are completely suspended and do not touch the floor of the case. All the contact points, including the bottom exterior of the case are insulated with neoprene rubber and 100% wool felt, eliminating any case noise and leaving the space under the bars to act as one big reflecting and resonating chamber.


platingThe Plating

Malletech will not chrome plate our bars. We use a special nickel process that does not flake off like chrome and is more flexible, so the plating does not dampen the tone of your instrument. This process produces a uniform steel-gray, glare-free matte finish.


The Prediction

We invite you to compare the Malletech glockenspiel with any other set of orchestra bells, of any vintage, made anywhere in the world. The tuning, sustain, brilliance of tone, case, suspension system and overall quality will leave you no doubt about what is the best set of orchestra bells at any price.


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