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Christian's Lullaby & Nicholas' Lullaby (Risto Pulkkinen)

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Musical FeaturesA very “tonal” work
Christian’s Lullaby is 4/4 throughout
Tempo = mm. 70-80 for a quarter-note

Nicholas’s Lullaby meter begins in 4/4 but includes a few meter changes, all in quarter-note time signatures. tempo = mm. 60 for a quarter-note
Lyrical and singing style
Lots of expressive markings, dynamic inflections, and pedaling is notated as well.
Technical FeaturesWritten using two treble staves braced together like a grand staff because the left hand plays mainly treble pitches throughout; the one performer must read both staves that are clearly separated into right hand (top staff) and left hand (bottom staff).
The intervals range from 2nds to 7ths in both hands, with the left hand playing mostly single quarter notes for a bass line while right hand plays the melodic line. The work is very idiomatic for the vibraphone and written for a medium level player
Duration2-3 minutes each
InstrumentationVibraphone 3 Octave - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionHigh School