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Nine Lives (by Anthony Di Bartolo)

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Nine Lives, for unaccompanied snare drum is based on a Turkish Romany “gypsy” rhythm called the Roman Havası. This dance is usually in 9/8 meter and is known to be very expressive and enthusiastic. The original rhythm enters several times, yet should never feel over-played. Whether it is ornamented, accented differently, or stated in a different tempo, it is never the same. The player is encouraged to emphasize the phrasing of accents during these theme entrances to enhance the feel and truly make it “groove.” Between each of the theme statements are relevant interludes that are especially soloistic passages. These might be identified as breaks and have very dramatic phrasing implications and dynamics. Everything may be “overdone” and the performer should feel free to express it however it is heard in the moment.

Click here to view a performance of 'Nine Lives' performed by Anthony Di Bartolo on YouTube.

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