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Sweet Dreams And Time Machines (by Michael Burritt)

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Sweet Dreams and Time Machines is dedicated to the memory of my friend, colleague and former Dean of the Eastman School of Music, Doug Lowry. There isn’t a week that goes by at Eastman when I don’t think of Doug. From the time I interviewed with him for the position at Eastman to Doug introducing me as “Buzz Saw” Burritt after a memorable performance with the Eastman Wind Ensemble in Chicago. (One of my most cherished memories with him.). Doug was a person who always allowed you feel yourself in his presence through his warm demeanor and casual sense of humor. Being Dean seemed to resonate with him and he just seemed to enjoy being part of the special community at Eastman.

There are no real Time Machines, outside of science fiction novels and movies. True time machines are the memories we carry with us of people and moments shared. I found some memories so poignant that you can almost step into them as though you are living that moment again. Sweet Dreams to those who have passed, touched us forever, and live eternally in our Time Machines.


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Musical Features
Technical Features
InstrumentationTwo 5.0 marimbas, One 2.0 set of crotales (with bass bow)
Level SuggestionAdvanced