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Suite V (by Andrea Venet)

Price: $25.00

Product Information

This solo suite arrangement/transcription is a synthesis of J.S. Bach’s solo string suites BWV1011 and BWV995 for solo cello and lute. I have transposed and added extra harmonies, figuration and ornamentation from the lute version in G minor (BWV995) into the cello version (BWV1011). I have chosen to integrate and reference the lute version for two main reasons, with the first being that the lute, as a plucked, chordal instrument, has inherent characteristics in common with the marimba. Secondly, integrating harmonies and added contrapuntal lines into the cello suite has provided a more in-depth understanding of Bach’s intended character and compositional devices.

-Andrea Venet

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Musical Features
Technical Features
Instrumentationmarimba (5.0)
Level SuggestionIntermediate-Advanced