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Omega Vibe

Team Omega: Stefon Harris, Joe Locke, Warren Wolf and Tony Miceli


Every feature of the ΩmegaVibe was developed with the input of pros who spend their lives not only playing, but carrying, setting up and breaking down vibes. We are indebted to all of them who have offered their input over the past few years. Designed with the serious musician in mind, the ΩmegaVibe offers a modern approach to the instrument, including:

  • Lightweight but sturdy all-metal frame eliminates unwanted rattles and contact noise
  • Revolutionary “wing” design produces more natural vibrato (in just 60 seconds, go from barely perceptible vibrato to "over the top" wah-wah effect!)
  • Patented motorized vibrato means adjustable speed and depth
  • Fully tunable resonators provide maximum warmth, volume, and control of sustain
  • Specially formulated gel damper bar improves tone quality while dampening

Engineered to be extremely portable without sacrificing durability, the Ωmega is a solid choice for professionals and students alike.


"I recently had the pleasure of recording Joe Locke on his Malletech OmegaVibe.
I was immediately impressed by its even harmonics and clarity of tone.
It is also extremely quiet - a huge plus in the recording studio.
This instrument is the Rolls Royce of vibraphones!"
- Scott Petito, Producer/Engineer






Patented Progressive Dampening

As every vibes player knows, damper bars frequently don't dampen evenly. Sharps vs. naturals / tops vs. bottom / middle range vs. extremes. Some problems develope over time as the damper bar warps; other issues are there right out of the box, caused by inexpensive, unstable, single-spring designs.




Patented Adjustable Damper Bar

Our patented concave gel first contacts the bars closer to the non-vibrating node and then "progressively" swells toward the more actively vibrating end of the bar; taper quickly, or feather infinitely, without any worry about buzz.


Patented tunable resonators

Until you hear the differences in character, volume and ring, you may not be able to appreciate how radically our tunable resonators can change your sound. Elevates the OmegaVibe into a new category.


OV3.0 with Red Bars


21st-Century Pedal

 Now Available with Red Bars!


Designer Statement

The noisy, unexpressive, motorized vibrato used on all vibraphones since its invention in 1916 was never musically going to inspire me. Many vibraphone players seemed to agree, since they chose to create their music without the use of the "vibra" part of the vibraphone. Even the best instruments had motors and pulsar fan assemblies that were frequently too noisy to use in ballads or in classical music - exactly where you would want to selectively add vibrato.


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 Stefon Harris Joe Locke Tony Miceli Warren Wolf

"Malletech has created the best instrument on the market. By far." -Stefon Harris

"You knocked it out of the park, man!" -Joe Locke

"Finally, I like the sound of vibrato." -Tony Miceli

"The best vibraphone in the world ... It's the only way to go." -Warren Wolf












Ωmega Vibe Videos


Height Adjustment

Resonator Assembly

Frame Set-Up

Pull Rod

Progressive Dampening System





Dampening System


Pickup System


Vibe Development
Part I

Vibe Development
Part II

Vibe Development
Part III

Vibe Development
Part IV

Ed Smith Performs
On an Ωmega Vibe

Ωmega Vibe
World Debut






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