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Malletech offers several models of rosewood xylophones that are up dated versions of the famous and much-sought-after Leedy and Deagan designs of the 1920’s & 1930’s. Major symphony orchestras and ragtime xylophone fanatics pay a premium for originals on the rare occasion when one is found in good condition. What is new about the Malletech “clones” is our high level of tuning accuracy of the harmonics, the improved frame design and tunable resonators. Available with or without height adjustment and choice of finish.

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Ragtime/Soloist Xylophone

Our Vintage “Ragtime” Xylophone (XB4.0) was developed with the input of the world’s greatest xylophonist, Bob Becker. It is modeled after the classic Deagan model known as the “Artists' Special.”


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Orchestral Xylophones

Our Vintage "Orchestra" Xylophones are based on the famous Leedy instrument that George Hamilton Green performed on throughout most of his career.

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