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Price: $48.00
Product #SAMMUT/R4SQ
Sammut's Four Rotations have become some of the most frequently performed works for solo marimba. And this new arrangement re-imagines the catchy rhythms, memorable melodies and swinging, jazzy harmonies of the original - for marimba and string quintet.

Price: $36.00
Product #RIDLEY/M
This piece attempts to create a kind of wavering sustain by tasking each marimba with a similar-but-different part in the same register. That sound inspired the name of the work. The title is also meant to hint at the two most important musical forces in the piece: meters and mediants.

Price: $15.00
The Brazilian-Portugese title Beija Flor translates to "hummingbird" in English. The piece draws heavily on the Brazilian bossa nova style and is inspired by sounds found in nature.

Price: $41.99
Product #ES8
Medium-soft, multi-toned. Perfect when used in a set of four throughout the whole range of the marimba or in the bass position of a graduated set with ES12s and ES16.

Price: $83.98
Product #AH8-10
Andy Harnsberger's design offers something new in graduated marimba mallet sets: a slightly graduated set of four that sounds great all over the instrument.
Sold as a set of four only.

Price: $41.99
Product #SMH14
Se-Mi's Go2 mallet is a light-weight (34 grams per stick) medium-hard model that works with her impressionistic and contemporary repertoire to enhance the graceful virtuosity of her approach to the marimba.

Price: $41.99
Product #45678
A slightly brighter version of the classic GS13.

Price: $41.99
Product #14592
A bassy sounding, all-rubber core mallet with a lot of articulation.

Price: $42.99
Product #3028R
A versatile, durable mallet designed for contemporary music that has sharp dynamic contrast, timbre contrast and high volume requirements. Excellent as a multi-percussion mallet for cymbals, small gongs and light drum work.
Rattan handles.

Price: $42.99
Product #3027R
For the absolute maximum projection, the CN26 has the brightness of a hard un-wrapped mallet with the warmth and breadth of tone of a wrapped mallet.
Rattan handles.

Price: $42.99
Product #3026R
A very hard mallet that still rolls well at low dynamic levels.
Rattan handles.

Price: $42.99
Product #3025R
An excellent general mallet that is very versatile in respect to its application in concerto and ensemble literature. The most popular mallet in the Concerto Series.
Rattan handles.

Price: $42.99
Product #3024R
An excellent mallet for general use in all types of solo and ensemble situations. It will produce clear passage work throughout the full range of the marimba.
Rattan handles.

Price: $42.99
Product #3023R
A soft, wide-range mallet that is unusually rich in the bass, without being thumpy in the upper range.
Rattan handles.

Price: $84.00
Product #SG_softset
Grand Soloist Graduated Soft Set Series includes:
1 GS3
2 GS7s
1 GS13
Sold only as a set of 4 mallets.

Price: $84.00
Product #GS_hardset
Grand Soloist Graduated Hard Set Series includes:
1 GS7
2 GS13s
1 GS16
Sold only in sets of 4 mallets.

Price: $46.99
Product #3115
Soft marimba.

Price: $46.99
Product #3116
Medium hard marimba.

Price: $46.99
Product #3117
Hard marimba.

Price: $46.99
Product #3118
Extra-hard marimba.

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Results 1 - 20 of 56