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Chamber Series



These redesigned mallets are perfect for chamber music settings in which the performer sometimes needs to project above the other instruments, and at other times, blend with them. A wide range of tonal colors and articulations can be drawn from the synthetic yarn and winding techniques used to craft these mallets. The balance between head weight and shaft length produces an unusually good feel. The Chamber Series (a.k.a. "Purple Mallet Series") attracts attention for both its looks and sound.

Chamber Series mallets are sold in increments of 2 pairs (4 mallets). Price indicated is per pair.

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Price: $37.00
Product #3102
Smooth rolling, but robust bass.

Price: $37.00
Product #3018
Maximum marimba versatility. A very wide range of tonal colors.

Price: $37.00
Product #3020
Designed for maximum assertiveness on the instrument. Produces dynamic articulation and projection.

Price: $37.00
Product #3017
Produces wide and fat tones.

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