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Instruments - Xylophone


Malletech Xylophones


Malletech offers several models of rosewood xylophones that are up dated versions of the famous and much-sought-after Leedy and Deagan designs of the 1920’s & 1930’s. Major symphony orchestras and ragtime xylophone fanatics pay a premium for originals on the rare occasion when one is found in good condition. What is new about the Malletech “clones” is our high level of tuning accuracy of the harmonics, the improved frame design and tunable resonators. Available with or without height adjustment and choice of finish.


Resonators and Construction


The resonators are solid brass – just like the old vintage instruments they pay homage to, but unlike the originals, every tube has our patented adjustable resonator stops. Malletech xylophones also incorporate many of the other exclusive features found on our marimbas: the silent rubber bar-rail and resonator uni-bracket mounting system, lock-nut and bolt assembly, solid oak and brass “Deco” frames and solid brass bar posts, center-poles and braces.




Much of the characteristic sound of the vintage xylophones is due to tuning of the second partial to an octave and a fifth above the fundamental. The resultant tone is completely different from a marimba bar. Unlike the Malletech “New Vintage” xylophones, many modern instruments are not “quint-tuned” at all – or only on the bottom few bars. When a Malletech xylophone is custom made for you, you get to choose “quint” or “octave” tuning.