Martin Salomonsson

Martin (b.1978) lives in Gothenburg, Sweden where he works as a percussion/drum instructor, composer and arranger at a Music School for 9-19 year-old children and as a freelance musician. He works with orchestras i.e the Gothenburg Symphonic Orchestra, the Gothenburg Opera House and the Swedish Royal Navy Wind Orchestra in Sweden. He mixes genres from classical and contemporary - to pop and jazz music. His compositions include contemporary music for solo marimba and ensembles. In addition, he also makes music for his own project -Fall. Martin's musical career began playing traditional folk music with his father on the accordion, and led to a Master of Fine Arts - Percussion, at the Gothenburg Academy of Music and Drama. Martin is a member of the Swedish contemporary music ensemble His early music experiences and his interest in nature is colouring his teaching, composing, arranging and playing.

From Martin Salomonsson