Natural Rubber Series

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The Natural Rubber Series solves the two biggest problems most players have with rubber mallets: weight and tone. In the past,when players needed to switch to a harder model, they often found that the weight, and therefore the “meat” of the tone, was no longer present. After years of research we were able to find a way to keep the weight of the four models within one-tenth of an ounce of one another. The Natural Rubber Series is also very useful on the many small bells, wood blocks and other idiophones of the percussion section. The Natural Rubber Series is available on rattan handles of the same length and diameter as our Orchestra Series and on birch of the same length and diameter as our marimba mallets, 1-1/8 inch diameter heads.

R=Rattan Shaft   B=Birch Shaft

Natural Rubber Series mallets sold in increments of 1 pair (2 mallets). Price indicated is per pair.